Gareth Cliff made headlines three years ago when he quit traditional radio to launch what he called the most “unradio” online station. “I saw the writing on the wall three years ago,” Gareth Cliff on radio reshuffling.

Cliff shared a video to his Instagram reacting to all the reshuffling happening right now on radio, let’s just say he’s not surprised. From Glen Lewis quitting Metro and joining Touch HD to Unathi and BoNang quitting the same station. DJ Fresh moving to Metro FM from 5 FM and Anele taking over the Breakfast Show on 947.

“Radio ratings have sunk to all time lows on most of the radio stations. Exactly three years ago, I saw the writings on the wall,” Gareth said. So according to Mr Cliff what’s happening? Well because nobody cares about radio anymore, apparently.

“Nobody cares about radio station brands. They listen to shows and presenters they care about and the ones they’re interested in,’ Gareth explained what’s going on in broadcasting. Watch

What's going on in broadcasting? Here's what's happening, and how it involves YOU:
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