The Lesotho-born South African actress, scriptwriter and TV presenter Fikile Mthwalo-Kani recently opened up about marriage to actor Atandwa Kani and how it was in the early days when they got together after his break up from Our Perfect Wedding host Thembisa Mdoda.

“Talking about Thembisa and Atandwa is difficult, because it’s not my story to tell but his. My focus is always on my marriage and love for my husband. What bugs me is the media portrayed our union negatively whereas there are so many positives to it,” Fikile told a monthly magazine recently

She and her husband first got together on the set of It’s Complicated and got married not long after on December 24th 2015, but however happy she may be, she says people will always label her a home wrecker even though she hasn’t ruined anyone’s marriage.

“No matter what I say about what happened between them, people would never believe me as they’ve drawn their conclusions, labelling me a home wrecker. As far as I know – and Home Affairs will back me up – I’m his first wife and any child Atandwa will have with me will be his first,” she explains.

Fikile is currently in New York where she is furthering her acting studies.