When media personality Bonang Matheba resigned from Metro FM via her twitter yesterday, it came as a shock to many. The star who says resigning wasn’t something she foresaw chats exclusively to DRUM on the real reason behind her leaving the station.

Bonang, your leaving Metro FM the way you did shocked a lot of us. What happened?

Yeah, it was something that I wasn’t ready for as well but I had to do it. What happened is on Sunday I got calls from Metro FM saying I should come to the office, I declined because it was Sunday and I was spending time with my family.

They then said I should get to the office the next day by 8 am and I was there at that time. Upon arriving we had a meeting with the Metro FM bosses and they told me that I had a new producer and also a new co-host, and that JJ and Naked DJ were gone.

The changes were meant to take place immediately?

Yes, and I was flabbergasted, not because of having LKG (Lerato Kganyago) as a co-host or the new producer, but about how they told me about the changes. I asked why we weren’t told earlier and they said the changes had been made on Friday and they needed to be effective from Monday. It was basically saying its either I get with the changes or I leave.

After that meeting being the consummate professional that I was I knew that the show must go on, so LKG , myself and the producer did the show.

So when did you know that you were going to resign or leave the station?

During the show I was just thinking things through and soon after the show, my management team and I went at 12 to have another meeting with the bosses.

What was that meeting about?

I wanted to find out about the changes and how we can have some brand alignment between the Metro FM brand and Brand Bonang. They (Metro FM bosses) then told me that this new change was the direction that the brand was going and they weren’t going to make an exceptions for that. At that time that’s when I started seriously thinking about leaving the station.

So you were thinking of leaving the station because of brand alignment or the new co-host?

No, it wasn’t about that, I need to make this clear, me leaving was not about LKG, I love her and I have publicly defended her on certain things. The brand aligned as well, I could have been able to live with that. What made me leave Metro FM was because of the unprofessional way they handled everything. How they told us and how everything penned out.

I love the Metro FM and the SABC and they have done for me and my career, but I am heartbroken by how they handled this. I spoke to my family after the meetings before I made the decision and after those talks with them and my management that’s when I knew leaving would be best.

So now that you have left Metro FM, where are you headed? Are you also headed to TouchHD?

I don’t have a plan about what’s next right because all this is not something I had planned. I didn’t even know that I would end my day talking to DRUM about me resigning. I loved my show and Metro FM, if it was up to me I would have stayed there forever, but everything happens for a reason even this.

With your kind of resume and popularity though B, there must be people who want to give you jobs on their radio stations?

I have gotten a lot of offers yes, but I haven’t decided on anything yet, I am still dealing with all this and letting it all sink. In a few weeks I will decide and then will see what offers I take. I do know that I am not done with radio.

For now its my reality show Being Bonang coming to Vuzu Amp this July and my book From A to B: Invest in your sparkle, which I co-wrote with Gugu Mhlungu, Top Billing and all my other work.

And to your listeners what do you have to say?

I am so sorry and sad to leave them, but everything happens for a reason and there is a season for everything.

All the best B!

Thank you