Well, that's if Malinga's latest comments are anything to go by.

Malinga fired a string of fresh shots at the Hell Naw hitmaker, after it emerged that two of his videos had been disqualified from the 2017 South African Music Awards (SAMAs).

In a string of tweets Malinga celebrated Nasty's disqualification.

The kickmaster said that Nasty was a "late comer" and even alluded that maybe it was a case of 'karma' at play.
"Well done @kwestadakar [Kwesta] we recognize you, lion of judah is intervening now," Malinga said.

Nasty C's videos, Good Girls and Don't Do It, were questioned after it was pointed out by fans that it had not aired on national television before January 31, as the SAMAs rules require.

The feud between Malinga and Nasty C started shortly after the Metro FM Awards in February when Malinga questioned the young rapper's Song of the Year award.

Things spiralled out of control between them from there and resulted in weeks of public twars.