DJ Zinhle has hit back at haters who questioned her decision to hide her daughter's identity on social media.

The star was criticised by some of her followers after she posted a picture of Kairo with an Instagram badge over her face.

The followers questioned why Zinhle decided to hide Kairo's face when her father, rapper AKA, often posted pictures of the child on social media.

"[It is] strange that you are suddenly hiding her face," wrote on follower. While another added: "Why post a picture of your child if you won't show their face? Just don't post if you are 'protecting' your child. There is nothing interesting about seeing her body."

Zinhle was not impressed by the criticism and told the haters where to get off.

"I can do whatever I want. This is my page and she is my child. [I] hope that's okay with you," she wrote.

She later disabled the comments section on the post after her remarks sparked a fierce argument among her followers.

Zinhle has spoken before about protecting Kairo's identity on social media, and told Z'Khiphani in an interview last year that she made a conscious decision not to post her daughter's pictures anymore.

"I felt like my child was overexposed so the reason I wanted take her off social media is because she is a baby and I thought she just needed time out." she said.