TV and radio personality Dineo Ranaka doesn't understand the frenzy that has erupted over Serena Williams' winning the Australian Open Grand Slam while pregnant.

Dineo took to Twitter to question why people were so shocked that Serena won the competition during her early stages of pregnancy.

Dineo made it clear that she was not shading Serena, but was simply stating that "pregnancy is not an injury".
She went on to engage her followers who asked why winning the Australian Open whilst pregnant shouldn't be a big deal.

Dineo said that Serena deserved to be celebrated for winning the competition, but people can't use 'risk' or 'fatigue' as a reason to be shocked by her win.

She added that when you are pregnant anything could pose as a risk, therefore she doesn't see Serena playing tennis as a risk.

Serena surprised fans with her pregnancy announcement by posting a picture flaunting her baby bump with the caption "20 weeks" on Wednesday.