Can Beyonce ever just let us live? She already slayed when she did the maternity photo shoot to end all maternity photo shoots a while back, but she's at it again on Instagram and serving even more flawless pregnancy looks.
Queen Bey blessed us commoners with yet another photo shoot over the weekend, posting a montage of pregnancy pics set to music and a few gorgeous collages (because mirror selfies are for people who aren't Beyonce).
One pic in particular also has the internet debating whether or not it was a subtle gender reveal. As you'll see below, Bey posted a close-up of her earring, which contains blue and pink jewels. Internet detectives took that to mean that Bey's having a boy and a girl, which almost makes sense until you notice the white and lavender diamonds also on the earring. 
Anyway, gender reveal theories aside, the pics are insanely gorgeous. Brace yourselves for greatness and then take a look below.