Artist Ayanda Mabulu has defended his painting which depicts President Jacob Zuma performing a sexual act on late former president, Nelson Mandela.

Mabulu says he is merely expressing his views on the current situation in the country.

The painting is interpreted as “raping” Mandela’s legacy.“There are people who understand that Nelson Mandela was that glimpse of hope. If you're talking about 1994 and South Africa right now, the only thing that comes to people's minds is Mandela. So I decided to use him as a person who represents the hope of the marginalised who are being disappointed by the president of the country right now.”

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Mabulu's explanation is contradicting his artwork, when you carefully look at this piece. If Zuma is raping  Mandela’s legacy, why is Nelson Mandela looking happy and enjoying the rape sex? The appearance and pose does not interpret the pain of rape, unless rape victims are also enjoying rape.  What is Mabulu hidden agenda? 

Listen to Mabulu’s full interview below:

Meanwhile, Nelson Mandela Foundation CEO, Sello Hatang, says society has entered what he describes as an era of vulgarity.

Hatang says although he respects Mabulu's right to freedom of expression, his painting is in bad taste.

“We recognise and acknowledge the rights of the artist and his freedom of expression, and it's also true that we maybe as an example, we should take from Madiba's life where Zapiro depicted him in a particular way... and Madiba, instead of taking offence, called Zapiro to his office and said thank you for holding the mirror so that I could then see this through satire. We however do say that this is a piece of art that we find disgusting, and we do not believe that it helps take us anywhere in terms of the message that he wants to convey. It also says a lot about where we are. We have entered an era of vulgarity.”

Rape is not a joke.

It is something that happens. 

Something that changes the way someone looks at everything. 
At everyone in their life. 

It makes them afraid to be. 

Afraid to live, to breathe, to do anything. 

It takes over your life, your views of people, your memories. 
It taunts you. 

Even when you think you've beaten it, 
it does its best to beat you. 

It finds you in your sleep. 
In your dreams, 
it conceals itself in different forms. 

And even when it isn't direct, 
you know it's there. 

It slips itself into everything you do and feel. 
It makes sex scary for you, 
even when it's with someone you love. 

And it makes you feel guilty 
for not being able to fully please the person 
your heart belongs to 
because no matter how hard you try to forget, 
every time you get intimate with anyone, 
you feel all the pain and fear all over again. 

And you wish you could express your love 
to your other half 
the way you should be able to, 
but sometimes you get so sick 
you can't even see straight.

It might seem crazy to someone who doesn't understand it. 
To those who've luckily never experienced the pain and fear or of being taken advantage of, sexually. 

And maybe we are a little crazy from what has happened to us. 
But it's not our fault. 

It's not a joke. 

It's very real. 

It happens every day. 
To strangers. 

To friends, family, and neighbors. 
Not everyone is strong enough to admit it, 
and that's okay. 

It took me many years to even admit it to myself. 
But it FUCKING happens.