Tonight's bachelorette was Pilot in training Vanessa, she was looking for a partner that is willing to settle down & build a future with he

The first hopeful looking for love was Siphiwe, he is a rapper and entrepreneur, he was looking for a a woman who is nice & consistent.

His deal breaker is a woman who doesn't have pretty toes, the date with his family was great, they all got a long like a house on fire.

The second hopeful looking for love was 21 year old Luther, he is an Engineering student.

He is looking for a smart woman who he can have conversations with, he wants a girl that is smart, humble & expressive. Like most people, Luther lists lying as one of his deal breakers.

The date with his family was decent, Vanessa is very chilled and she was very easy to get along with.

The last bachelor was Acro, he has been single for the past 6 months.

Compared to the other dates, the date with his family was the least fun, there was a disconnect between them & Vanessa.

Vanessa chose Siphiwe & the two seemed to hit it off, we wish them all the best.