Poor Joseph, just when he thought he was going to find love on Mzansi's hit reality dating show Date My Family, he got dragged and "disowned" by his "own people".

The 27-year-old nurse from Rustenburg in the North West was the latest bachelor to appear on the show, but after last night’s episode, he probably wishes he didn't enter.

Not only did he have to go through three rounds of grilling interviews by close friends and family of the people he would be potentially dating, the guy also had Twitter scrutinising his every move.

Viewers of the show used hilarious jokes and memes to criticise everything. From Joseph's language to his clothes and the way he held his "fork and knife," he got nailed.

In the end, it was all too much for fans who took to Twitter to jokingly "disown" the Tswana-speaking bachelor.