Superstar Bucie Nqwiliso has nothing but praises to sing over Canadian rapper Drake remaking her hit track Superman with house maestro DJ Black Coffee without her velvety vocals.

Titled Get It Together, the hip hop remake features British vocalist Jorja Smith, instead of Bucie. The song has been met with mixed reviews from South Africans. However, Bucie strongly states that she is not bothered by any of it.

She adds that she is aware of the social media hoopla the remake caused ever since it was released a month ago.

"I love my country. South Africans are beautiful and crazy. My take is from so many songs he could have chosen in the world, he chose a song with my voice in it. It's my voice that made him fall in love with the song, that's enough for me," Bucie points out.

"Whether they changed anything [It does not matter to me]. I wrote the lyrics. She's singing the melody exactly as it is. It's not really a train smash.

"I'm just like Drake knows who Bucie is, so it's all good. You will find me very soon. If you are going to take a song that has my voice in it that means very soon you are going to need that voice somewhere. Until then I'm patient.”

Bucie only has wonderful things to say about Smith and the direction they took with the remake.

"I like her voice, it's very different. I like the interpretation of the song with them. The emotion and the song is different. What we sing about is different, even though is the same lyrics, but because of the feel and everything we are talking about it's different. It's not better than mine though," Bucie jokingly observes.

Bucie first recorded the song a few years ago as a 21-year-old fresh-faced talent. She is grateful to have worked with Black Coffee early on in both their careers.

"Doing the song together, getting it to where it is today and him being who he is today is all beautiful. I'm grateful to have worked with him," Bucie says.

Ironically, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter's favourite song from her is Angels are Watching Me. Produced by Louie Vega and written by Josh Milan, the original song featured Milan on the vocals.

"I didn't write the song and I write most of my songs. Josh Milan wrote the song and sang it. But Louie Vega took out his vocals and replaced them with mine," Bucie recalls.

"I just loved it because I had to sit down for a couple of days before I could record it and understand the song. For me it was an amazing process, having to sit down and understand someone else's writing and make it my own."

Following the success of her hit Rejoice featuring Black Motion, this week Bucie will drop the second single from her anticipated fifth album Rebirth. Titled Love Me Right, the single features Mobi Dixon.