Travel With Flair owners media personality Basetsana Kumalo and business woman Johanna Mukoki say that as sisters one of the best things they do is keep sisterhood out of business meetings.

Speaking to Destiny Magazine the sisters say they have learned over the years to see each other’s strengths and rely on them.

“When we’re at work, it’s business as usual. We pick up sisterhood outside the boardroom,” Basetsana tells the magazine.

She reveals that even when they have disagreements they always about finding the right solution for their business.

“Johanna and I agree to disagree on some matters, but it’s always about the principle of the decision on the table,” Basetsana adds.

Johanna says that their personalities complement each other. “Bassie’s the one who’s always deep in thought and who can turn out a strategy like magic. I’m the accountant and also the dreamer,” Johanna explains.

The sisters have been business partners in Travel with Flair along side Robert Wilke and Tibor Zsadanyi for over a decade.

The company turns 21 this year.

Source: Destiny Magazine May issue