One day, as they were riding on the motorway in America as a family, the kids, like any other kids, were too occupied with their phones that they were missing what was happening on the road. In a bid to teach them a lesson, the dad came up with what has been deemed the mother of all pranks.

As the kids were looking down at their phones, their dad screamed to them "Oh my God, don't look!", knowing very well that they would. As they lifted their heads to see what their dad was on about, they witnessed what seemed like a truck coming their way. Little did they know that the truck was being towed backwards.

Way to go, daddy! The parent can be heard giggling as he sees that the prank worked. This is not the first time a family has had fun playing the backward truck prank. A video went viral a few years ago where a husband pranked his wife into thinking they were going to crash into a truck. His prank got over 6 million views on YouTube. Below are the videos.