Rapper AKA as expected took to twitter Friday morning to share his views on the Cabinet Shuffle. Whilst his views might have been predictable, it didn’t stop the opposition fans to attack him which ended up being a comparison between the two favs- AKA and Cassper. AKA throws shade at Cassper for not speaking up on national matters.

AKA Throws Shade At Cassper For Not Speaking Up On National Matters

AKA says until his haters’ fave (Cassper) finally grows some b*lls and speak on national issues, y’all are stuck with him. “You don’t like my opinion, then persuade your other favs to find their voice. I’m free …. are they? Or are they not smart enough?,” he tweeted.

AKA says he doesn’t mind taking all the “f*ck yous” because apparently if he doesn’t, nobody will. “It’s one thing to air views on politics in SA when you fallen off, but I been doing it at the HEIGHT of my powers. So what’s their excuse?,” AKA asks.