Social media star Ntsiki Mazwai considers herself woke but if you ask AKA, Ntsiki’s kind of ‘woke’ is not the coolest around. AKA throws major shade at Ntsiki Mazwai.

Ntsiki is normally the one throwing shade at other celebs but this time she was on the receiving end of the shade. To our surprise, Ntsiki did not respond to AKA’s tweet despite being tagged by her fans.

Whilst talking about his influence on the young South Africans, AKA says he loves that he’s not a conscious rapper because only then can your voice be heard.

AKA seemed to suggest that with all the ranting and tweeting, people still don’t listen to Ntsiki when she speaks. “If I was a “conscious rapper” In SA I wouldn’t have the platform to tell you how I feel. Y’all would treat me like Ntsiki Mazwai,” AKA tweeted.

Safe to say AKA don’t ever wanna be treated the same way black twitter treats Ntsiki Mazwai.