Celeb live lavish lifestyles not to mention those publicized vacations. But in all fairness they do know how to hustle. Thuli Phongolo recently announced she was venturing into music as a DJ and now the actress has added fashion designer to her resume. Actress Thuli Phongolo ventures into fashion.

“I’m so proud to officially reveal my new baby, which is my clothing line TULIP 🌷 I’ve always loved dressing up but it was never a big deal to me… I just wore what I liked when I felt like it. However, as time went by my style and love for fashion connected me to people and opportunities that made me see the value in it and how much relatable style is,” she announced on twitter.

Thuli says TULIP is a brand that celebrates the diverse woman that knows what she wants. “My first collection is called BLOSSOM..”