IT SEEMS the heartbreak epidemic is in the air, and some of Mzansi’s favourite celebrities are rumoured to have caught the bug.

Said to be among the ill, is 5FM presenter Tumi Voster, who was allegedly recently dumped by DJ BlackCoffee’s manager, Amaru da Costa.
Tumi Voster,

Tshepiso Relahlathe

Amaru da Costa
 Said the first source: “She actually thought Amaru was the man of her dreams. But she never expected to find out she was a makhwapheni all along.

“Not only was this a shock for her, it also stung.

“Imagine receiving news that the man you thought was your main ‘bae’ was actually someone else’s bae.”

A second source said the heartbreak would be severe “due to most people in
showbiz knowing” about the duo’s alleged affair.

“You can only imagine how embarrassing this saga was for her,” the mole said.

“Phela, Amaru and Tshepiso got married on Saturday in a traditional ceremony held at a private venue.”

A third source said about the presenter of The Saturday Situation show at the radio station: “She went to Thailand to nurse her broken heart.

“She couldn’t stand the fact that Tshepiso won Amaru’s heart. She had to avoid the drama because even her friends knew about her affair with Amaru, so they were going to keep asking questions.”

A third source said this was perfect timing for Tumi to reflect on her life.

“When she left for Thailand, she was moody – because she was dumped for Tshepiso. It’s so sad, yazi, for her to use a vacation to nurse her broken heart. Amaru is gone and will never be hers. She must just move on.”

The SunTeam could not get Tumi, Amaru and Tshepiso’s comments. They all ignored our calls.