The third season of Z'bondiwe premieres on tonight (Tuesday, 14 March) at 21h30 for a 26-episode final season.

Here's a snap preview of what to expect:

1. The action starts with with Roxanne (Zola Nombona) finding herself in a village after being kidnapped by Killer. But she's changed. And she finds herself needing to do something that goes against every fibre of her being when her and Ntando (Anga Makubalo) make an alliance with Killer (Mbulelo Grootboom).

2. Jakes (Israel Makoe) is in prison and gives Dikki (Eve Rasimeni) a professionally criminal helping hand.

3. TV heavyweight Peter Sephuma (Rhythm City, Igazi) joins the cast as Melusi Shenge, a dodgy businessman. He's the father of attorney Yandisa Mdoda (played by Tempy Pushas' Paballo Moganedi), who now owns the law firm.

4. Also new this season: Amaza star and Top Actor Africa runner-up Shamilla Miller, who's putting all the combat skills she learnt on Top Actor to the test. She plays Hilda Miller - the girl you want to be. Hilda's a hard-core hacker who has brilliant fighting skills.

5. The season has been given the subtitle of The Chase - to reflect the storyline and to mark the final season.