In an in-depth interview with Drum Magazine, Zahara recalls the painful day she found her brother, laying dead from gun shot wounds as her father sat next to the corpse.

Zahara's late brother, Mbuyiseli Mkutukana was gunned down in 2014 after being caught in a cross-fire between rival gangs near his home village.

Speaking to Drum Magazine Zahara recalls how she found her brother's lifeless body laying there next to her father who was waiting on forensics to take the body to the mortuary.

"My father stayed at the scene with my dead brother for four hours, waiting in the sun for the forensics to arrive. The pain my father endured seeing his son being eaten by flies still haunts me today." She said

After her brother's passing, Zahara recalls how difficult it was for her to continue performing and how she once she broke down on stage which led to her being ridiculed for crying during a performance.

"People mocked me and told me I was losing it. They made fun of my pain after my brother died like a dog. I was still expected to go on stage and strengthen people with my music while I myself was broken."

Although the passing of her younger brother is still a painful experience to overcome, Zahara has managed to pick herself up and continue with life.

Having lost weight and happily engaged to Umhlobo Wenene DJ, Amaza Ntshanga, Zahara is well on her way to an even brighter career in the music industry regardless of the many challenges and critics that may come her way.