Songstress Zahara has revealed that a delay in lobola negotiations are the reason her wedding to Amaza Ntshanga has been put on hold.

The Loliwe hitmaker was set to tie the knot early this year but had to delay her big day.

In an interview with Drum Zahara explained that she and Amaza were just waiting for the lobola negotiations to wrap up.

"Lobola is a negotiation process that takes a long time and when families don't agree on a price for the bride, they come back to renegotiate. This is nothing new and this is what has happened in my case," she said.

This comes just one month after Zahara told TshisaLIVE in an exclusive interview that she had to postpone her wedding due to her busy schedule.

"But with everything else that is going on - like my performances and working on my album - I may need to get a wedding planner even though I really would not prefer that," Zahara said.

Late last year, it was also reported that lobola had apparently not been paid for Zahara.

However, Zahara blasted the claims at the time telling TshisaLIVE that her family was set to receive 20 cows from Amaza's family.