A WOMAN who allegedly tried to buy a house for R100 had to be saved by cops from angry residents.

Community members claimed the 36-year-old woman from Protea City, Soweto gave brothers Justice (26) and Thabo Rakgalakane (24) R100 to buy drugs, but made them sign an affidavit to say they would sell their house to her.

However, the title deed was in the possession of an elderly person in the community who is looking after the brothers and she held on to the document.

On Sunday, the woman was almost beaten up and police had to rescue her when she came to the house.

Community leader Thabo Mazibuko (34) claimed the woman admitted she had taken the brothers’ ID books.

“The community had a meeting and she admitted she had the IDs but said she would not give them back,” claimed Thabo.

“She told us she would stay in the house until the boys paid back her R100.”

Resident Gladys Mthonxa said: “She took advantage of the brothers.”

She said if the police hadn’t taken the woman away, the residents would have beaten her up.

Jonas Moleko said residents had vowed to protect the brothers and make sure she didn’t get the house from them.

“We will remove her if she tries to occupy the house.”

Another resident, Kenosi Molale, said they will not allow the woman to exchange R100 for a house.

Cops said they have given the woman seven days to return the IDs to the brothers. After that residents would help the boys lay charges of theft against the woman.