A prominent Joburg businessman stands to lose half of his wealth, including five Ferrari super cars and more than 20 properties, after his wife filed for divorce on the grounds that the man has a roving eye.

In her papers to the court, the wife accused her multimillionaire husband, who gained his wealth through state tenders, of being a serial cheater.

"The first defendant has repeatedly committed adultery, which the plaintiff finds irreconcilable with a continued marriage relationship," wrote the wife in her affidavit.

She also told the court that her hubby had humiliated her in public but did not elaborate how he did this. The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had previously told tabloid newspapers about his relationships with two married women.

"The first defendant has actively sought to compromise the plaintiff's business and professional relationships and to undermine the plaintiff's pursuits.. has threatened the plaintiff, who no longer feels safe without protection.

"The first defendant has actively sought to exclude the plaintiff from the conduct of their joint businesses and to evict her . from their family home . no longer has any love and respect for the plaintiff . has failed to show the plaintiff the love and affection to which she is entitled," said the woman in her court papers.

The woman was also suing the man's family trust and one of its trustees.

When Sunday World contacted her, she said: "Don't you guys have something better to publish? Even if I talk to you it won't make any difference because you will still go ahead and publish. I really have nothing to say, hey, but I have your number, I will come back to you later."

The husband, who has a number of contracts with the department of water and sanitation, said: "What the f**k do you want?"

It was not known if he had filed papers to oppose the divorce or not. If the court answers the woman's prayers, she will score herself half of her hubby's 26 cars, including Ferraris, a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and Viano, Golf GTI R32 and Range Rover Sport.

On the fixed property side, the woman has asked the court to let her walk away with half of her "cheating" hubby's 20 properties, including several houses in Joburg's top areas like Sandton, Ruimsig, Dainfern and Fourways, as well as a hotel and several townhouses and luxury penthouses.

The wife also requested that the man continue to pay for her lifestyle.

"The plaintiff requires an amount of R200000 for her reasonable maintenance until her death or remarriage."