I’m a student in my final year of a jewellery design course. I enjoy gym, playing sports, socialising and student life. I have girlfriends, but no serious partner. I enjoy se_x and always condomise.
I was on holiday at an aunt’s place just over a year ago and one morning came across her G-string lying in the bathroom. I was curious to see more (I’ve always admired it on women). Without realising it, I began wearing it, walking around, standing in front of the mirror and admiring my erection busting through the G-string. Having se_x with a woman gives me the greatest pleasure, but it was far more satisfying masturbating like that.
I’ve been back home for just over a year and would like to experience this again, maybe once a month or every six weeks, but I share a room with my younger brother and it’s frustrating because I’ve been forced to suppress this. It’s not easy to talk about it to friends. I thought I needed to get some advice in your column, but I 
was initially too nervous to write 
to you.
I hope you can give me some information on this issue.
Se_xual expression takes on many forms. There is nothing wrong with your finding female underwear se_xy and sensual. We are all aroused by different things. I’m pleased that you have a positive body image in that you feel sensual looking at yourself in underwear in the mirror.
There is no cause for concern in wearing it to get off because you are still able to have a complete and full se_xual experience with a partner. I will have you know you are one of many heterose_xual men who enjoy wearing female panties.
I can’t imagine it would be an easy subject to discuss with your friends, so I don’t think you should bring it up with them.
You say you are not currently in a relationship. When the time does come, you should disclose this piece of information to her. It would hurt her to find out any other way than directly from you.
Don’t feel guilt or shame because of your se_xual needs.
You are not hurting yourself or anyone else with your actions.
You, just like everyone else, are entitled to a healthy, full and fulfilling se_x life.