SA singer Bucie may not have been featured on Drake's reworked version of Superman, but will still cash in that moola after being listed as a songwriter on the track.

A new version of Bucie and DJ Black Coffee's hit track was released by Drake on his latest EP this past weekend and had social media in a huff.

While some praised the song, renamed as Get It Together, others criticised it for not including Bucie's vocals. Soon the star found her name trending as fans discussed the apparent "snub".

But Bucie is not complaining, especially because she is listed as a songwriter on the track and will be getting royalties every time the track is played.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE on Monday, SAMRO spokesperson Tiyani Maluleke explained that international standards mean that songwriters are entitled to royalty payments every time a song is sold, streamed or broadcast.

"How much she makes off royalties would depend on the agreement of the parties that the song belongs to. The song will continue to earn royalties for the composer and publisher for the entire lifetime of the composer and 50 years after the composer has died," Tiyani added.

Bucie confirmed that she would be getting royalties from the track but was shy to reveal how much she would make.

She said that she was "still warming up to the song" but was honoured to have her song reworked by Drake.

"It is a great achievement and says a lot about my writing skills," Bucie added.