Skolopad, better known as the lady in the yellow dress, said that she wasn't invited to perform at the Hlaudi Motsoeneng home-coming party. She showed up without an invite and took over.She explained that when she arrived at the venue in Qwa Qwa the guards immediately knew who she was and opened the gate for her to park with the VIPs.

"I heard of the party and decided to go because it was hosted in my hood, my territory," she said.

Even though she was not part of the original list of performers, the MC also recognised her and quickly told her manager to prepare her music as she would perform after gospel star Rebecca Malope.

"As I was walking with people starring at me as they usually do, I was told to be ready to make people dance after Rebecca's performance. I knew it was going to happen," Skolopad said.

She later took to social media to say that it was an "honour" to have had Rebecca "open" for her. Some followers accused her of being pompous, as Rebecca is the legend. But she is adamant that if someone performs before you, that equates to them being an opening act.

"I heard her on stage performing, you know, crying and crawling as she does, cleaning the stage for me. The people were in the spirit as she sang, but when I got there the party began," she said.

She added that she thinks Hlaudi is a humble man and he deserved the party.

Watch the hilarious moment here:

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