An inappropriate video of a young girl, named Sesethu, is currently doing the rounds on social media. A lot of jokes have been made. Sharing the video and passing crass comments about the young girl is social media shaming. While you might be having fun with your peeps on Twitter and Facebook, you might not be aware of the effects that may have on the young girl’s life. In 2015, we did a news report for eNCA on the idea of social media shaming or cyber bullying.

We spoke to a victim, a young girl from Cape Town. Thandiswa (not her real name) spoke about how her life changed after being bullied online. We also spoke to a perpetrator, who said he didn’t feel good about cyber bullying. “I just do it ’cause I can,” he says. A psychologist we spoke to, also shared the shattering effects of cyber bullying.

Watch the full news report below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.