Trevor Gumbi has lashed out at a fake death report, which left his blind mother in a state of panic over the weekend.

The comedian took to social media to share the report that claimed he had died, and set the record straight on it.
"I ain't dead guys! Family and friends, y'all can stop calling. These are just some sick ass motherf***ers reporting lies," he said.
The funnyman returned to social media a few hours later to detail how the report had affected his mom.
"The worst part of this fake news story reporting that I died, is the fact that my mom, who is blind, had to hear from people calling her and she had to go through all those emotions before being able to get to a phone to call me," he explained.
Trevor added that he wished the culprits would think about the way the report affected those close to him.
"Fake media, sometimes you've gotta take a minute to think about how your 'stories' affect the people around your target. Not cool! Not cool at all!," he added.