A romantic relationship between a pupil and a teacher is inappropriate! Teachers are meant to be parental figures in the academic world but some take advantage of their positions by offering “special favours” in return for sex.

This makes boys and girls more vulnerable to sexual exploitation as they may feel pressured to sleep with their teachers for better marks, money, affection, fear or the threat of failure. According to the law, sexual exploitation and violation is the act of having any form of sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 16, even if they have consented to committing a sexual act. This act is punishable by law when reported and investigated by proper authorities. 

Effects of these relationships on children:

- Diminished self-esteem
- Depression or suicidal thoughts and attempts
- Poor reputation
- Increased school dropout rate
- Increased risk of unwanted pregnancy, STI or HIV
- Pressure to have unsafe abortions
- Denial of paternity upon pregnancy (rejection)
- Possible reproductive problems in future
- Problematic future romantic relationships.