Could Sophie Ndaba be another great example of ‘black don’t crack’? Her forever young looks has people believing the actress and businesswoman had some work done to keep everything in place. Sophie Ndaba denies plastic surgery rumors.

Speaking to Drum, Sophie says she would never go under the knife risking her life. “I did not have any of those procedures.If I wanted to do a tummy tuck, I would’ve done it after give birth to my child years ago, but I’m diabetic, and I will need to prepare by consulting a specialist,’ she told the mag.

Sophie admits however that the only time she went under the knife was when she had a caesarean section. “The only operation I’ve ever had in my whole life is a caesarean section and I still have a pot belly. I have a pot belly for days,” she said.

“They said I spent R100 000 on that surgery, as if I have such a lot of money lying around. My body parts are 100 percent real.”