In a lengthy Instagram post, former Generations actress and news anchor Palesa Madisakwane issued a statement detailing the events that led to an unsavoury tweet about “Zola not being relevant”.

“Hi everybody. Kindly note that there were some tweets from my other handle @pmocumenyane about Bonginkosi 'Zola' Dlamini. The fact of the matter is that my PR Assistant, posted tweets on my behalf while I was at work, and they really offended many people including Zola.

On Thursday, I attended the memorial service of Ntate Joe Mafela in the company of my PR Assistant.

She met Zola at the venue of the memorial service and she asked to interview him about the passing on of Mr Mafela, however Zola refused to be interviewed. In that case, I went to work to file for my assignment in the absence of my PR Assistant. Since she has been handling that account, she decided to tweet irrelevant stuff about Zola without my knowledge.

I was also puzzled by her tweets after realising that he was being trolled under @pmocumenyane handle, and many people who read those tweets believed that I was behind such trolling. Kindly note that I am very sorry for such unprofessional act displayed by my PR Assistant and I would like to apologise profusely to Zola and all the people who got offended by those tweets. My PR Assistant went overboard and felt that she had to voice her anger, but all that happened under my name. I have spoken to her and she stated that it was an oversight on her part. Statement issued by Palesa Mocuminyane.” (sic)

Despite her numerous apologies, some Twitter users and Zola fans weren’t budging, they went for her:

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Palesa Mocuminyane. Picture: Twitter

It seems there are three Palesa accounts and tweeps are still confused about who the real Palesa is:

And Palesa apologises yet again, emphasising that it wasn't her who wrote those tweets!