Former Miss South Africa Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala has detailed an incident where she claims a white couple hurled racist insults at her, calling her a monkey and swearing at her.

Bokang, who is married to soccer star Siphiwe Tshabalala, said she was driving from her salon when a couple in a car behind her lost their cool.

She said that while it was her turn to cross the road, other cars were still passing and she decided to wait. The couple behind her hooted and she eventually moved to the yellow lane so that they could pass. That was when she claims the man started screaming at her.

"You're a fucken monkey. Monkeys can't drive. Fuck you, you monkey."

"I got so mad... Today is Human Rights day and we as Africans are still being called monkeys by some white people... I followed them and I blocked the whole road, got out of my car,stood right in front of their car and told them they can run me off if they want to but I will not be moving out till they get out and apologize."

Bokang said she didn't care that she was a public figure or a former Miss South Africa causing a scene - she won't tolerate racism.

"The biggest part is that this is about my son and the fact that these two people will have children and teach them that Africans are monkeys and their kids will say it to my son some day... We can't keep tolerating such nonsense for the sake of peace."