Veteran actor Sello Maake Ka-Ncube has opened up about the adventure of playing a gay character for the first time at age 56 and how he had to prepare his family in advance
"After I had read the script and saw who my character is, I remember telling my family to watch as they would see me in a different light," the actor explained in an interview with The Citizen.
The veteran actor plays a character named Kgosi on Mzansi Magic's hugely popular telenovela The Queen.
Sello added that although he did not have much time to research the type of gay character he wanted to play, he embraced the role and people just loved it.
The actor believed that he did justice in playing Kgosi because even his friends questioned whether he had been secretly gay all along.
"First and foremost I need to acknowledge that I am an actor and being an actor you need to be able to do all kinds of things. But this has been a challenge as this character has forced people to see me in a different way.
"My kids were shocked and my friends were convinced I had been hiding as I play this role so well," he said.
Sello's character has been a talking point on social media on numerous occasions, and has given viewers many meme-worthy moments.