Media personality Lootlove and her rapper bae Reason had been playing coy with their relationship until a few days ago when Reason was forced to go public and defend his girlfriend from being called a homewrecker. Reason sends out the sweetest b’day shoutout to his bae Lootlove.

Now that their relationship is in the open, Reason took to social media to publicly celebrate his grilfriend’s birthday and it’s the sweetest thing you’ll watch all day.

“To my favourite king in the world!!! Happy birthday @lootlove2. Saving my speech for later. But I hope this reminds you what your life has given me. Thank you. For everything. See you later 😉 *secret handshake*,” Reason captioned photos of them together accompanied by one of his songs which sounds like a dedication to Lootlove.

Long live King Loot!