Rapper Anatii has lifted the lid on his dramatic weight loss, revealing that he shed over 65 kilograms to fit into his designer clothes

It's no secret that Anatii has been on a mission to lose weight ever since he burst onto the scene in 2012. Speaking to fellow rapper Slikour recently he shared the secret formula to his sucess.

The Hours hitmaker said he eventually won his battle against the bulge through persistence and a healthy diet.

"I've been health conscious for quite a while now. It wasn't overnight. It's just getting rid of animal products and eating more fruit and vegetables. I'm on a plant-based diet," he explained.

Anatii revealed that he was inspired by the desire to fit into a pair of designer jeans.

"A few years ago I used to say I wanted to fit in Balmain jeans but I couldn't fit into them because I was so big at the time. So I made it a goal," he explained.

He said that it was a long journey to his ideal weight, but he was finally able to lose more than 65kgs to achieve his ideal weight. And he isn't done yet.

"I've lost 65 kilograms so far but I'm still on my weight loss journey. It's really all about health. Now I'm on the road with my personal trainer to make sure that everything is in tip top shape," he added.

If you want to see how incredible Anatii's weight loss is, take a look at these pics of him back in 2014 and now.
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