Queen Sesoko whom we all used to refer to as Iyaya during her Abashante days has settled for a quiet life as a Christian.

Many have asked where the former kwaito singer disappeared to after her group, Abashante also disappeared from the face of the earth.

However, it's clear that Queen hasn't really made herself hard to find, all she's been really doing is building a stronger relationship with God and serving her church.

In an in-depth interview with True Love Magazine Queen confirmed that she took a long break from the music industry as she wanted to focus more on her relationship with God and finding herself again.

During the interview, Queen Iyaya also mentioned that she would be releasing a gospel album and a book soon.

"Presently I'm writing my book. it is a daily devotional that aims at encouraging and motivating souls not to give up in life but to strive to be what God wants them to be. The short daily preaching serves as a magnet that keeps a person connected to God through many challenges they may be facing." Said the former Abashante singer

In relation to her music, Queen continued to explain that her new album will only have four tracks taken from her urban contemporary album titled The Atmosphere of His Presence.