TV and radio personality Pearl Thusi allegedly caused drama during a fashion shoot for Forbes magazine.

Pearl allegedly threw her toys when false eyelashes were unavailable – and refused to take part in the shoot.

According to sources close to the situation, Pearl – who was shooting along with actress Terry Pheto – had missed the brief that the girls should bring their own make-up artists.

Terry’s artist was there: the renowned professional Vuyo Varoyi.

One source alleged: “Pearl started making demands on Vuyo. But Vuyo told her she’d have to come second – because her services had been booked by Terry.

“That was okay. Pearl didn’’t mind until she wanted eye lashes. Vuyo told her she’d only brought one set of eyelashes – for Terry.

“And then Pearl lost it,” the source claimed.

Another eyewitness said Pearl’s manager Sarita Tomlinson asked Forbes staff what kind of a shoot they were running, without a proper glam team.

“We were shocked. Everyone had been briefed about the make-up,” said the second source.

The source went on to allege that the argument between the Forbes people and Pearl’s entourage became so heated that the shoot had to be called off.

Our showbiz mole claimed that Terry was shocked.

“She didn’t know Pearl could be such a diva. Terry said it was the first time she’s seen her act like that.”

A third source claimed Terry kept on saying how well she knew Pearl – who lived with her at one stage, sleeping on the couch.

Pearl could not be reached for comment in the US.

Her manager Sarita said: “It was hardly drama. Anyway, I can’t talk – I’m sitting at the theatre.”

Vuyo was only prepared to say: “I can’t comment on that.”

Terry was unavailable, and her manager Phumza Nohashe said: “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” and hung up the phone.

Forbes magazine’s management could not be reached for comment.