With a 10-year gap and three children from different mothers between them Nkosinathi (33) knew that Palesa (23) was meant to be his wife from the first day he laid eyes on her.
Another episode has the social media streets buzzing after watching yet another interesting show of Our Perfect Wedding.
Viewers were introduced to the beautiful Palesa and her man Nkosinathi. 
After being mesmerized by her beauty, during a church sermon, Nkosinathi decided to slide into Palesa's Facebook inbox like...
Unfortunately, his first attempt to try to get Palesa's attention failed after she ignored his messages for three months, but the man was persistent and here we are witnessing their matrimony.
The late Aaliyah was right, if at first you don't succeed, brother, you need to dust yourself off and try again.
Now we'll admit that the age gap of 10-years wasn't much of a shocker for us, we've seen wider age gaps than that. 

It was the three kids and three different baby mama's that had us worried, how is Palesa going to handle three kids and three baby mama's at the age of 23? Your guess is as good as ours.
But looking at Palesa, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and is well-equipped for all the happiness and challenges married life will bring her way with Nkosinathi.
The episode was filled with a few somber moments as well, as Palesa revealed that she had lost her mother at the age of 13 and that her father, after having accepted the lobola, all of a sudden had a change of heart about Palesa and Nkosinathi's wedding. 
Palesa's father was concerned as to how Nkosinathi, who is unemployed, was going to provide for both him and Palesa. His concerns were kind of brushed to the side as Nkosinathi explained that he is a Pastor and that God would provide for them.
The father's concerns were valid but he didn't have to take it to such an extent that he didn't even attend the wedding. That was really sad.
However, things turned out for the better as the couple's wedding day went as smoothly as possible with no hiccups or unnecessary drama.
We loved how simple and beautiful their wedding was, everything went according to plan from the outfits to the decor.
We especially loved Nkosinathi's suit, it probably qualifies as one of the Top 10 suits of this season.
Congratulations to the couple, we wish them many more years to come as Mr & Mrs Magagula.