Oprah Winfrey is known the world over for being a TV show host, philanthropist, actress and much more. Her fame is undeniable. What about her actually running to become US President? Sounds unrealistic? Well, not to Oprah.
Oprah was talking on the Rubenstein Show when she was asked about whether she would run for president. Oprah said that it was not something that had ever crossed her mind… until recently. When Donald Trump, a reality TV star and businessman entered the race for US President, let’s be honest, he was mocked.
Fast forward and today we have US President Donald Trump. And if he can do it, who is to say Oprah can’t do it. Watch Oprah respond to the question here:

We don’t know about you, but if TV stardom is the new fast track to the most powerful seat in the world, we would back Oprah to make a real go of reaching the highest office in the land.
Who else has made the giant leap?
President Ronald Reagan was a Holywood star before becoming a Governor and eventually President of the US. Let’s not forget Arnold Schwarzenegger, who went from bodybuilder to movie star to California Governor. And hey, if his country of birth was not a stumbling block, who is to say how far he would have gone?
We vote for President Oprah!