We alreadly know Ntsiki Mazwai’s on twitter to throw shade and attack every celeb making it happen. Recently she has been questioning celebs’ success on whether they are ‘white capital favorites’ or not. Ntsiki throws shade at Unathi for judging the Miss SA pageant.

‘I want to know how Unathi became Miss SA judge,” Ntsiki’s fan asked her on twitter. Of course Ntsiki has all the answers and didn’t take time to respond.
According to Ntsiki, just like Proverb, Unathi is a perfect example of ‘a perfect black in the eyes of whites’. “She is a white capital favorite as she is well behaved and says nothing political or against racism. She is a wonderful black to them,” Ntsiki tweeted.

Wow! Is anyone safe from Ntsiki’s wrath on these twitter streets?!