ACTRESS, Ntando Duma, is said to be nursing a broken heart!

This after allegations by several sources that her relationship with Gagasi FM’s DJ Junior De Rocka is as good as over.

A source told Sunday Sun: “The outspoken socialite used to flaunt her man for everyone to see. But these days, she only shares things about herself and her sister.”

Another source claimed this was bound to happen because Ntando and De Rocka’s relationship started off on shaky grounds.

Sunday Sun reported last year January that Ntando and Afro-Pop singer, Naima Kay, were allegedly at loggerheads over DJ Junior De Rocka, who was allegedly
two-timing the two young ladies at the time.
Claimed the second source: “It was such a sad sight to see last year when Naima Kay thought all was well with her relationship, while her man was busy with Ntando.

“When Naima realised she had been played, it broke her heart and she lost a lot of weight.

“De Rocka might have been blinded by all the media attention he was getting from being romantically linked to Ntando and couldn’t handle being in the spotlight.”

According to friends close to the situation, the DJ, whose real name is Junior Mzizi, has been keeping a low profile, and in December, he was completely focused on his gigs and was without a care in the world when it came to Ntando.

Another friend close to the DJ said: “He’s still young. He got really confused when Ntando started wearing that ring and claiming they were engaged.
“Things were moving too fast for him, and all he wanted was a normal relationship for someone in his 20s. He didn’t know the situation would turn out the way it did.”

Ntando, who recently left’s Rhythm City, is tipped to be joining the SABC soon, when they reveal their new shows in the coming months.

Both Junior De Rocka and Ntando were not available for comment at the time of going to press.
She is been celebrated as someone who doesn’t take herself seriously and her social media following is making her one of the celebrities to follow, as her quirky videos make her one of the starlets to watch in the entertainment industry.