After tweeting Nasty C a below the belt comment, Dr. Malinga became a target, as fans of the rapper reprimanded the man about his tweet.

The situation between Mabala Noise Entertainment and Riky Rick is rearing its ugly head once again and unfortunately, the drama is also affecting the other artists of the stable.
Just recently, Mabala Noise artist, Letoya Makhene was accused of using witchcraft in ensuring that Mabala Noise stays afloat, and now Nasty C has been the latest artist from Mabala Noise to be bullied on social media.
Dr. Malinga rubbed off Nasty C and his fans the wrong way when he insinuated that the rapper was hogging the Metro FM Awards he received.

The tweet was probably in response to the alleged hacking of Metro FM servers which revealed the "real" winners of the Metro FM Awards.

The SABC has since rubbished the Metro FM hackings.