“There is no artist in the country that can touch or intimidate me right now” – Nasty C

Chart topping rapper Nasty C has made it clear that he’s at a place right now where he feels nobody can reach him

During a recent interview with TshisaLIVE Nasty C told the entertainment site; “I know that there is no artist in the country that can touch or intimidate me right now. I am not afraid of anyone in the industry.”

He stated that even when listening to the music of other artists, “I never feel pressure.” He went on to say; “I listen to songs that are hyped on social media and I always find that there is so much more that could have been done to make it better.”

He said he can be quite a “perfectionist”, so he makes sure his music “is at its very best when it finally gets released.”

He added that he always knew he “wanted to be a rapper” and even as “a 15-year-old” he would be hanging out with guys like AKA and Khuli Chana in the club. “The clubs would want me to come back and would pay me. It was peanuts but to a 15-year-old it was a lot,” Nasty C explained.

He explained that the reason youngsters think “that the older generation doesn’t get it” is because of the difference in age and thinking. He explained further saying; “you think that they are trying to make you forget your dreams, and so I was determined to prove my father wrong and I found my voice through music and developing this fighting spirit,” Nasty C said.