Nandi Madida is coming back to TV after her maternity leave feeling like a sexier version of herself. She jokingly blames it on the 'new' set of boobs but the actress says she loves her body like she always did.

Nandi gave birth to her son, Shaka Madida, in November 2016 and revealed to Sowetan that she feels more fearless and sexier that ever.

Speaking about motherhood, Nandi said that she was loving her post-baby body.

"Strangely, I feel sexier. I don't know if its because of the new boobs, you know when you have milk in your boobs. I just love my body," she said.

Nandi admitted that she was not immune to all the changes having a baby brought into her life, like not being a complete control freak any more.

The TV star said that she has embraced the birth of Shaka as her own rebirth. "It's so strange that after the birth of my son I almost feel fearless," she shared.

The actress who managed to lose all the baby weight said that she didn't want other new moms to be pressured into getting their pre-baby bodies back. "We all have different types of bodies - my genes played a part," she explained about her fast weight loss.

Nandi also attributed her slim post-baby figure to doing things the traditional African way.

Nandi's first episode back on BET A-List will air tomorrow.