Afro soul singer Moneoa Moshesh is one of those celebrities who rarely opens up about her personal life, and when she does she only gives us a few things. That is why we were surprised recently when Monoea opened up about her late grandmother. Monoea opened up in an episode of SABC 1 show Zaziwa about how her grandmother was a self-made millionaire, and she made all that money selling Amagwinya.

“My grandmother was married to my grandfather for 25 years and after they divorced she just started focusing on business and that’s where her focus was. That focus made her money. She is my inspiration,” Monoea opened up on the show.

“She was selling Amagwinya on the side of the road, around the 1970’s to 80’s. And by the time I was born in 1989 she was a self made millionaire,” Monoea adds.

Monoea’s grandmother also put herself through school and had finished her LLB by the time Monoea was young.

Monoea says she attributes her will to being hardworking to her grandmother’s hardwork and inspiring story.

“My grandmother knew how to make things happen,” Monoea explained.

Monoea’s garndmother died in 1995.

Source: Zaziwa SABC 1