This includes the most notorious women and super villains who are often molded to fit societal expectations of how matriarchs on television should be.

The older women is often caring for her children and sitting on a rocking chair while knitting.

She is often very calm, does not like conflict & is waiting for a man or her children to save her.

However, stories like Isibaya have changed the perception with characters like Mkabayi, played by legendary actress, Thembi Nyadeni who has been acting for many decades

Here are some of the reasons why we love Mkabayi

She is one strong woman and we appreciate what she brings on our TV screens.

She is a gun wielding granny who could give any strong man a run for their money.

We also love how she is always ready to fight for what she believes in not only is she strong, she is also nurturing, she balances the two worlds well.

She is a formidable business woman, sometimes ruthless, but always for a good cause you might also like to read about our other favorite TV grannies