REAL GOBOZA presenter, Sinazo Yolwa, has allegedly found her knight in shining armour!

The man, only known as Marcus, was recently seen at the South African Film and Television Awards in Sun City with Sinazo on the red carpet, holding her clutch bag.

The first source told Sunday Sun: “Marcus was Sinazo’s date at Sun City. Love is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated.

“I guess she got tired of playing hide and seek with the media, especially since they’re in a long-distance relationship.”

Another insider claimed Marcus complemented Sinazo perfectly because “they both work in the TV and film industry”.

“Marcus is sweet, and most of Sinazo’s friends approve of him. He’s such a darling,” the friend said.

“He fits in anywhere, in terms of Sinazo’s social circle and work commitments.

“He’s always there for Sinazo’s big moments.”

Said the third source: “He’s not fazed by all the attention his woman is getting, and this makes him a keeper.

“Dating a celebrity can be very tricky sometimes because everyone wants a piece of them. So, for Marcus to ignore all the noise around Sinazo and focus solely on her, it’s a good sign for us as her friends,” said the source.

On the night, the SunTeam overheard Sinazo referring to Marcus as “babe”.

The couple allegedly takes turn visiting each other between Australia and South Africa.

Asked for comment, Marcus said: “I’m dating Sinazo, and we’re happy.”

Sinazo was not available for comment at the time of going to print.