Mabala Noise boss Reggie Nkabinde has blasted the media for the way it apparently treats local artists, claiming that it was all part of smear campaign to "destroy" South Africans.

Reggie did not mince his words saying the media should "go to the nearest hell".

The music label boss weighed in on the social media debate which enveloped Okmalumkoolkat this week. It started after a tweet by City Press made reference to the rapper's indecent assault conviction in an article about his artwork collaboration with rapper AKA.

Reggie shared a screenshot of the reports on Instagram and slammed the media.

"The media in SA must go to the nearest hell, they are so determined to destroy South Africans. What's worse is that our own brothers and sisters are the ones that are being used at the forefront to pull our SA talent and black entrepreneurs down," Reggie said.

He went on to question how the media could have a clear conscience when the reports affected lives so dramatically.

"Exactly how do you sleep knowing that someone has lost bread on the table or his car or a home because of one negative article that you wrote without facts? He/she ends up losing brand endorsements, sponsors, or business? .... Does it really make u feel good that you have destroyed one of you own?" he wrote.

Mabala Noise have had to fight off several media reports in the last few weeks, including claims that they had paid for awards and had swindled one of their artists, Mroza, out of money. Both claims were denied by the label.

In his rant, Reggie called on the media to be more patriotic and to support artists instead of constantly dragging musicians down.

"Learn to be patriotic about your own country, like (the) media does in other countries. Owners of newspapers don't care about an African child all they care about is sales and money," he added.