In a documentary bearing witness to his life living in the streets of Johannesburg, Nyan’Nyan’ presenter Luyanda Potwana brings in Bonginkosi ‘Zola 7’ Dlamaini to the show to pray for him and wish him well on his journey.

“Many don’t know but this music and TV legend has been a big brother to me for years. Helping me out in every way that a younger brother and upcoming TV personality can be helped,” says Luyanda.

“When the media was reporting to you that Zola had fallen on hard times (which obviously was orchestrated lies) — he was in fact laughing with us, at the false reports – because he’s always been working on his businesses and producing,” adds Luyanda.

Luanda goes to explain that, You can’t say a guy has hit hard times when he has been continuing to help people, including him (Luyanda Potwana).

“He (Zola) would give huge sums of money to go buy groceries and send some home. Some of you have no idea that most of us, TV people, are suffering silently. We don’t make as much money as our fame. I know that some of us fake a lot, pretending as if we’ve made it, and we’re living it up, but I’m afraid that’s very rare for most ‘celebrities’ in South Africa, especially when you’re off-season. Because ‘off season’ means ‘off income’,” Luyanda rants

Luyanda says it’s high time we (South Africans) recognize and thank people while they’re still alive.
“It’s high time that the South African TV industry really takes care of its talent — the way it knows it should. That’s not arrogance, that’s a FACT!” Luyanda says.