Trust black twitter trolls to make a private couple go public just to clear their names. ‘LootLove has never been my side chick,’ rapper Reason goes on a twitter rant defending his girlfriend.

‘LootLove Has Never Been My Side Chick,’ Rapper Reason Goes On A Twitter Rant Defending His Girlfriend

After Reason split from ex wife and baby mama, the rumor was it was all because of Lootlove, who was supposedly his side chick. Not according to the man in the centre of it all. Reason went on a twitter rant clearing his girlfriend media personality Lootlove’s name.

Reason says he had known and respected Lootlove for many years and she was never his side chick. “My break up with my Ex Wife came almost a year and a half before my relationship with @LootLove as neither if us weren’t ready,” Reason tweeted.

Reason says no one took anyone from anyone and expressed concern that the twitter bullsh*t may affect his kids on a normal day at school. “And if you really wanna be mad at anyone for ruining a “happy home”. Leave my girlfriend alone give me a call. I have the answers,” Reason lashed out.