There’s no stopping Black Coffee’s hustle and his dopeness can’t be ignored anymore. Remember when Canadian rapper Drake featured Black Coffee’s Superman on a special Apple Music radio show as one of his favorite tracks back in 2016? Well, he loves it so much he is making a remix of it. Levels! Drake To Feature Black Coffee On His Next Mixtape.

Black Coffee confirmed the news in a recent interview saying, “He is going to take the song to another level. People are going to love his version of the song but it won’t erase the original…People had mixed feelings, like; ‘why would you give someone else your song? It is your song! Why are you letting them shine on the song?’ But my understanding is different. I would love for our music to be exported on that level.”

Black Coffee’s team also told Thisa Live that the duo is yet to finalize and sign. “We need to finalize everything and once it has all been signed and is ready, we will comment on it,” said Black Coffee’s manager Amaru Da Costa.